Sunday, March 29, 2009

Vacation is GREAT but....this is the BEST!

We are back from Miami and the Keys! I rested and Mr. Nanny worked! His industry has gone out of control and he is in CONTROL! I'm so PROUD of him. I sure wish he could have rested more. These beautiful babies came over to catch up on Nanny & PaPa time. Mr. Nanny took us out for steak because that is what this little beauty asked for! She so has him wrapped around her finger!

Of course, with looks like this he gets every little thing he wants!

My point......notice the new bunnies from Price Cutter!

Right before bed having their bedtime snack!

Now they are fast asleep!

Friday, March 27, 2009

My Forever Friend, Steph...

For those of you who might switch over to my blog from my daughter's ( & ) please stay tuned to my thoughts on my friend, Steph. It has been incredibly hard to be away from Steph's family at this very stressful time. I hardly go minutes without thinking about them and wishing I were there with them. I have an incredible amount of faith and even though the timing of Mr. Nanny's business trip coincided with the M.D. Anderson appointment I knew that there was a reason that we have been separated. I have been waiting for the perfect time to talk about my amazing forever friend and it is getting close. Not today, because if Mr. Nanny wakes up and looks over were I'm sitting and happens to see that the tears are falling it will drive him crazy! He will say, "Are you reading those blogs again"? So maybe soon......

Where in the World is Nanny?

This little girl and her daddy took us to a great big plane!We stayed at the Doral where this great golfing event happened right before we arrived there!

We played with this great couple that we see ONLY once a year but love "em"!

I watched this last night........

with Mr. Nanny!
And this is my view this morning from our room......