Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Are You Smarter Than A Two Year Old?

I just have to share about two very special little boys in my life! They are only 3 1/2 months apart and both of them couldn't be any cuter! But, first just let me tell you that it is so cold outside and there is snow/sleet on the ground. I'm sitting by my fire and listening to some great music on my ipod. This is not a typical day for me.....
Back to my cute boys......
They are both so smart and so different and so similar. Did that make sense? I know, it didn't.
Cohen: I wish you all could see every teacher's face when we walk into his preschool. I kid you not every teacher purrs! He is the sweetest little boy you have ever seen. You ask, how can a little boy be so sweet? You need to see him for yourself. But then again, if you know his Daddy...... He really is so much like him. So the other day when Chrissy and I picked the kids up from school and took them to the park I had Cohen in my car. Drew and Claire are inseparable! So Cohen is in my car and we are driving down the road and apparently he is looking out the window because he starts yelling "Play ball, play ball"! I look over and we had just passed the church where Claire and Drew play ball. I asked him who plays there and he says, "Claire". This was so amazing to me because he has only been there about 4 times and I can't believe he recognized the building from the road. The rest of the way to the park he pointed out all kinds of things to me like the helicopter and the train tracks. Talked, talked, talked the whole way! You also are in for a big treat if you hear him sing the Alphabet song! Yes, he sings it all the way thru! Too Cute!!! I know Chrissy doesn't want to jinx herself but he doesn't wear diapers any more and is doing amazing!
Levi: My adopted grandson. Levi and his brother, Drew belong to my best friend, Steph and her husband, Scot. I couldn't love these boys any more than I do, promise! Levi is an early talker. He has the cutest little voice you have ever heard! I love to ask him how old he is. He says ever so seriously with his cute little Angelina Jolie lips saying, " I don't know how to hold my fingers up". When Drew says, "I have Spiderman and he goes fast". Levi says, "My guy goes faster"! That amazes me that he knows how to use his words so well and he was just turning 2! He loves for anyone to read to him. He will bring you a book and want you to read it. He especially loves to look at the book that Chrissy made me of her family. He points everyone out and makes comments on several of the pictures. He knows how to count to 9 and knows all of his colors. Everyone calls me Nanny but he has decided to call me Nan.
To sum it up......there is nothing any better than being with these little people! When I'm with them all I want to do is KISS their little faces!
Hey Mom, Englebert Humperdinck is playing on my ipod! Yes, I did put him on there in honor of YOU! He has always been your favorite so it reminds me of you! Love it!!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Blast from the Past!

Chrissy is doing a project for my very soon 50th birthday and she needed pictures of ME through all the years. Well, here I am! I had to throw a few pictures up because I knew my Mom would love them! Let me just tell you, it doesn't matter how old you get you are still your Momma's baby!

This is me and my big brother, Bill with my Grandpa Janes (my Mom's dad)!
Me and my brother with my MOM!

Thanks for being my Momma! I love you!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Day of Hope and Great Conversation

I've been planning on updating my blog because I know Mom is getting tired of checking it and wondering what I'm doing in my free time! Not really, we do talk on the phone. So today when I had this great conversation with Drew, I knew I needed to blog! I shared with her on Sunday about Claire and the "quarterhouse" steak that she ordered. You all know what I'm talking about because you come to my blog from Chrissy's! I picked Drew up at 1:30 today because he and Claire do the Computer Bus for an extra 30 minutes on Tuesdays. They love it! On our way home, I told Drew that today was a very exciting and important day. He asked why and I proceeded to tell him that today we have a new president. He said, yeah I know, Barack Obama. He then let me in on the secret that they learned about this event at school today. He then proceeded to let me know that there is another very important man to remember this week. I said, Oh really, who. He said very proudly and distinctly, Martin Luther King, Jr. I thought it would be a great time to test his knowledge of what he had learned. I asked him what MLK had done that made him important. He said ever so smartly, Well, once he had a dream! He was trying to tell everyone about it! It's so funny what Claire and Drew pick out of a whole conversation as being important.