Monday, February 9, 2009


I'm so humble.........
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I hardly know where to start. Probably have to be, Chrissy. What an amazing daughter, to decide that she wanted to have a party to honor her aging mother. To the ones who wanted to help.....Steph, Jarad, Ashley, Brian, Pam, Connie, you guys ROCK!
I actually found out about the party several days before. Chrissy was so upset that I knew but as usual, Chrissy did what Chrissy does best. She decided we wouldn't focus on the ruined surprise but focus on what I didn't know. So after she got over her initial disappointment she said, "You have no idea where or what other surprises are in store."
I didn't....
I couldn't imagine....
I thought I knew who would be at my party.
I knew our best friends would be there: John & Robbie, Jim & Kay, Dan & Shelly, Marvin & Marilyn.
I knew, of course, that it would be Chrissy's family plus Connie, Jarad's family, & Steph's family...ALL of THEM! They love and honor me everyday of my life, I promise!
Pam & Steve, they are just like family. Can ALWAYS count on them!
These are all people who are consistently in our lives. People who contact me or other people in my life to make sure WE are okay. I can't say enough about how much these people mean to US!
Everyone else.......Wow!
I couldn't stop the tears as I looked around the room and saw so many people who have touched my life and are so special, in their own way, to me. This post would be way to long if I listed everyone. It makes me proud to say that there were at least 80 people who would come to a party in my honor. Just a few.......
Donna, Dana, Clint, & the boys...You know that my love for you is unconditional. I love you always! Our memories are precious and many! I'm so humble that Clint upon hearing of my party decided their family would be there. Nothing any more important! Wow! All the way from Oklahoma!
Delphia & Susan....You girls know that I live for our monthly lunches. I NEED to see you every month or life doesn't seem balanced!
Linda & Bob Reynolds....I'm so honored that you would attend when you are fighting the biggest battle of your life. Cancer strikes again..... Thank you for sharing my big night, I will never forget. Holly Melton & the girls......Thank you so much for coming. It was just last year when we talked about your husband, Jeff and I both turning 49. We were excited to think that the next year Jeff and I could celebrate together with a big 5-0 party. My heart broke when you had to let him go months later to cancer. I'm sure he was with us........I love you.
And last but not least, my Dad, brother Gary, sister-in-law Jay, Amber, Noah, and Jonathan. You are all so special to me and I'm so glad you were there to share fifty with me. Gary, you are not far behind! I love, love, love you guys!
So thank you for making me feel so special! Please, if you read my blog and I didn't mention you it is not because you don't mean the world to me. I cherished every face I saw and each person has a special place in my heart.
Special memory from the party......
Before my arrival, packed house, my dad looks around and says to my brother and his family, "you know, none of these people would be here right now if it wasn't for me!" Well said DAD! Thank you Dad and Mom for giving me LIFE!

Friday, February 6, 2009

I LOVE "Chemo Days"!

Okay, I know, you think I have really gone over the edge over this age thing. Seriously? Let me explain why I love "chemo day". Every other Friday Steph and I come to the cancer center so that she can get her dose of poison. So far I haven't missed in the 15 months she has been having treatment. This is something that I pray that most of you will never have to experience. I pray that my forever friend will be healed and we can stop coming here. Maybe only to visit. I pray that when we do get to stop coming here that she and I will be able to find this piece of time for just US! That is why I love "chemo day"! Me and her, sitting here with only each other to talk to. Absolutely no children are allowed so that means zero interruptions. Unless you count the nurses who are constantly checking her vitals and hooking up her poison. So please understand I haven't lost my mind, not yet........

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Post from Angelina Jolie.....

This week (so far) has been one of reflection for me. It's the last week before I turn FIFTY. I think it looks better if I spell it out versus using the numbers. On one hand I have been so tired this week, unmotivated, and feeling so rushed. Rushed because I know that I'm on the down slide! I feel like time is running out for me to get ALL of those projects done that I meant to do before the kids graduated high school! I'm also questioning for the first time how important those things really are. Who am I KIDDING? I'm questioning everything this week. WOW, really just because I'm going to be fifty.

This week (so far) has also been a great week! Monday I had lunch with Mr. Nanny, my favorite daughter-in-law, Ashley, and cute little Livi! We also went shopping after lunch. I just love those girls! Even though I have felt so TIRED, I had a wonderful lunch on Tuesday with 2 of the greatest gals I know Susan and Delphia, and of course, the most amazing one I do know, my daughter, Chrissy! Chrissy and I started off our morning, after dropping off the little ones, shopping at Office Max. You would not believe the addiction we share. This deserves it's own post! Probably pictures, too! OOhhh, get ready, it's sick! If the day wasn't already wonderful, I picked up the oldest grandson, Hunter after school so that he could spend the night. Before I tell you how he made my day (okay, maybe my week) let me just tell you when we get together it is nonstop talking! We enjoy sharing stories and he loves to show me all the neat things that my itouch can do, what we love to drink, eat, do and just in general LOVE! I love our time together! I picked him up and he asked me how I was doing. I replied with the usual, oh fine. I stopped and said, "No Hunter, I'm really not. I'm feeling so tired and quite frankly I think I might be somewhat of a whack job because I think it is all in my head because I'm turning FIFTY!" He ever so sincerely said, "Oh Nanny, you are just like Angelina Jolie, you just get prettier as you age." I threw the car in park, ran around, pulled him out of the vehicle, just to give him a great big hug and kiss! Not really, that wouldn't be safe at all! But, let me tell YOU I sure felt like it! Have I mentioned that I love that boy?