Sunday, November 30, 2008

Angels do Exist!

Today when we got home from our trip, more details later, we walked in and this is what we found:
The music was playing in the kitchen.......
This is the tree in the kitchen!

This is the tree in the Formal Living Room!

This is the tree in our bedroom!
This is the tree in the Media Room!
So who did all this for me? This girl and her awesome husband! Thank you so much, Steph! I know how rough last week was for you, following chemo and I appreciate this more than you will ever know! I love you, forever!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

God Blessed Me Today, I Promise!

Today started early with a very cute smiling guy waking up very early ready to start his day! I was trying to convince him to whisper so he wouldn't wake his sister but he wanted to love on her, too! Can I just tell you this kid loves coffee! Wow, I have to guard my coffee with my life! We all ate breakfast at 7:30 and had snack at 9:30. My Dad, PaPa Melvin, came over to visit and he enjoyed the kids so much. He was very impressed when I was looking at the Sunday fliers and I asked Cohen what this picture was and Cohen replied, "Ipod"! The kids were wonderful while I worked on laundry and picking up the upstairs. They played together and then went their separate ways. Claire played on the computer and Cohen kicked back on his Mommy's old bed with the small DVD player watching JoJo's Circus. We had lunch and then Cohen and I laid down for a nap. He protested but I started singing my "Night Night CoCo song" and within 3 minutes he was out! Truly!! They played outside with PaPa after Cohen's nap and when they came inside PaPa scooped them up some cherry ice cream! Claire and I worked on puzzles for quite some time and by 5:00 they were in the bathtub! Cohen was so proud because he washed his hiney, pits, neck, & his belly all by himself. We had dinner by 6:00 and by 7:00 Claire asked to go to bed. So we loaded upstairs after getting milk and Claire's medicine and crawled into their Mommy's old bed to look at the stars left from Mommy and her best friend, Kimmy! I'm so sentimental I can't take them down! Cohen immediately started saying, "Sing Night Night song, Nanny"! Tonight he sang along with me! Precious!!! Cohen fell asleep at 8:00, Claire about 5 minutes later. This is good because we have Mother's Day Out tomorrow and Drew will be here by 7:00. I had a wonderful day and feel extremely blessed today for many reasons. Chrissy, I hope you read this soon! Know that we are doing great here, your mother-in-law is wonderful (she called and offered to help like she always does) and when I asked Cohen where his mommy and daddy are he said, "went bye-bye" and just smiles! I'm so happy that they are happy! Enjoy your away time!!! Kisses to you and my handsome son-in-law!

Cohen enjoying his bath!

Claire with her mouth full of bath water!

Cohen immediately grabbed Claire when he choked on the water!

Cohen and Claire eating their dinner! Cohen couldn't shovel it in fast enough. I have never seen him eat so fast!

Good Night!

Sleep Tight!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Another Drew & Claire story.......

Tonight Drew was telling Claire he had to go home. Claire was fine with him going home but she wanted the marker that he had in his hand. She had one but it was a little smooshed on the end. Drew's was much better for drawing a dinosaur with cavities! So, Claire was asking ever so nicely for the marker when the conversation turned to this.........
Drew: You have to say "please" in Spanish!
Claire: Nanny, I don't know how to say "please" in Spanish!
Drew: I'm sorry but you have to say "please" in Spanish!
Steph: Drew, do you know how to say "please" in Spanish?
Drew: No.
We laughed forever.........

(Mom, I can't wait to see you..........)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"The Jesus People Are Here"!

This morning Drew and I had driven thru McDonalds so that we could take breakfast to that really cute family that we know (, when Drew yelled out "The Jesus people are here!" Even though it was morning rush hour, I whipped my head around to see what or who he was talking about. Out of the corner of my eye on the property of McDonalds was a nativity scene already set up. I laughed to myself and once again thought between Claire and Drew who needs to pay for entertainment! I recall last year that Joseph was referred to as Josie and Mary! And I remember very distinctly last year when Drew and Claire were talking on the phone, Claire talking about a caterpillar that she had that would soon turn into a chrysalis and Drew said ever so confidently, "I have a Christmas List, too"! Does it really get any cuter than that? Well, let me tell you that it really does. There is nothing cuter than Cohen, who just turned 2, when asked who is the president of the United States and he replies, "Barack Obama"! It actually sounds like Rock Amama but if you could see his cute little smile you can't help but kiss that beautiful little face! Which is exactly what he wants, our little love bug! Have I mentioned that Mr. Nanny and I get to keep these cutie pies for about a week? I'm sure there will be pictures and stories to tell! Oh.....and to my beautiful mother, I have the kids on video saying there prayers and "hi" to their Grammy! I've not posted a video before but I'll work on it! This cute picture is of our ever so cute, Cohen praying!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We have a climber.....

In case you're wondering if I'm talking about a plant that survived the freeze we had, I'm not! I'm talking about Livi! Of all the grandbabies, she is the only one that is on a mission to climb on top of or in anything that looks like fun! Seriously, she couldn't be any cuter! Jarad, Ashley, Brian, Cohen, & Kenneth took off on Sunday to our land in Conway. They all had a blast together and my day was made by spending a little one on one with Livi! Chrissy and Claire were having a little girl time and I'm sure Claire was also enjoying the one on one!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sarah Ravencroft for Prez!

I betcha didn't know that we had a female RUNNING for President! Drew and Claire were running around telling us that they were voting for Sarah Ravencroft for President! Drew's parents informed me she was a character on Scooby Dooby Doo. We laughed pretty hard on that one. My day started early so that I could take Drew with me to vote before he went to school. He crawled right up on my lap and insisted on connecting the lines. He thought voting was very easy, right? I hear that we have officially elected a new president, Barack Obama. Look on the bright side.....Oprah believes in him and hey, I wouldn't want to answer to Oprah! She's watching........he better get busy! Goodnight!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Today Matters......

I think I have decided that my everyday slogan will be "Today Matters". I choose this because it made my forever friend, Steph want to own her very own cute, tight fitting shirt that states very simply "Today Matters". One of her players was sporting this very trendy shirt from an upscale shop from downtown when she decided she wanted one of her own. Player (who I adore) gifted her the shirt. We realize that every day is a gift from God and it MATTERS! My goal is to make sure I don't miss a thing! So from this day forward I will not worry if my posting is mundane or that it doesn't matter because to me it DOES!

My blessings from last week and there were many..........
This was the first week that Hunter was able to come over right after school. Now that football is over he will be with us right after school until Wednesday morning, when I take him to school. He got to the house in time to help me make an apple dumpling dessert. He's quite handy in the kitchen! I cooked a roast, sweet potato casserole, salad, and some veggies. Steph and the boys ate with us, also. We left around 7:00 and headed to the mall where we got this lined hoodie that is warm and COOL! Isn't he handsome? I love that boy!

Wednesday was my stay at home day with Drew. I love these days! Ashley & Livi stopped by to visit and after they left Chrissy & the kids brought Drew and I some of that great cuisine that is purchased from a window! They were there until probably 3:00. Okay, back to these cute pictures.....Thursday started with the annual costume parade at Mother's Day Out! Cohen is dressed like a cowboy and then we have our superheroes' Drew & Claire as Batman & Batgirl! Chrissy has mentioned on her blog many times and I will iterate, We LOVE our Mother's Day Out program but especially the people! They are truly angels of God!

Chrissy & I took the kids out of school at 11:00 so that we could take them out to Mr. Nanny's office for a retirement luncheon. We were joined by Jarad, Ashley, & Livi. We aren't sure how it happened but we managed to get a picture of PaPa with his babies! We must have bribed them, surely....

Chrissy picked up the kids from school and brought them home so that we could do some fun Halloween stuff! Chrissy made sugar cookies with the kids while I worked on dinner for the 23 people (kids & adults) that I fed later that evening! Here are some of the goodies that we made......

After dinner, all the kids took their little ones out trick or treating. Kenneth and I stayed behind with a few others and relaxed until the candy eating crew came back! Here are some pics of our little trick or treaters..........

Ashley, Alivia, & Jarad, cute huh?

Drew, Garrett, & Claire - cutest superheroes you ever did see!!

I tried to get a picture of the whole gang....

Levi and Cohen just being cute!

So to sum up my week, I feel so incredibly blessed and know that God is with me everyday! When everyone has gone home, I just sit and BE in my beautiful home and thank My Heavenly Father for all that I have and all that I can do.