Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day to my MOM and my GRANDMA, and my AUNT MARILYN!

This post is to honor my mother just like my daughter honored me! I write this blog for my mom! How do I honor her like she deserves? As a child you write little love notes so that she knows even when you aren't telling her or crawling in her lap. I will add that I was still crawling in her lap crying when I was in high school. I know.....!! But, as you become a young adult the little love notes stop and you know that to honor your parents for the job well done you should live by their example. I am so much like my mother! I always wanted to be just like her! She is hardworking, kind, giving, affectionate (huggiest mom I know!), selfless and BEAUTIFUL! I love her with all my heart and feel so blessed that I was with her yesterday! We don't live close in miles but always close by our hearts! This picture was taken yesterday. I know I shouldn't tell her age but how about this very HOT 72 year old? We were celebrating Mother's Day with my Grandma who will be 96 next month! Grandma is my dad's mother. She is so sweet I just want to hug her to pieces! Where do you think I get that from?
I also want to honor my Aunt Marilyn! She is my dad's sister and daughter to my beautiful Grandma! I think it is no coincidence that my mom's name is Marilyn, too! I haven't met a Marilyn yet who isn't absolutely beautiful and amazing. I think it is so neat how when I'm with my Aunt Marilyn I see how similar we are. For two people that didn't spend tons of time in each others presence it is scary how alike we are. This weekend we found each other finishing each others sentences or saying the very same thing! It was comical! Aunt Marilyn is the mother of two boys and grandma to one beautiful little girl and two handsome little guys! She is an amazing mother, mother-in-law, and grandma! Oh yeah, can't forget an amazing wife! Uncle Jerry is so blessed to have her to love! Again there are no words big enough for HER! I love her and look forward to our pact we made of having contact every week! Aunt Marilyn, thank you so much for all you do for our MARSHALL family! It is very large and I admire how you stand strong and faithful to everyone! You honor your mother well!

Happy Mother's Day you BEAUTIFUL ladies!