Saturday, June 6, 2009

May Mayhem........

I really wanted to blog about my month of May before now! I wanted to journal what an absolutely crazy month it has been. When I say my life is crazy busy, well....I'll just let you be the judge of it!

May 1st - May 5th
Chrissy, Steph, and I left in the early evening for Tampa! Girls weekend! We stayed in a hotel on St. Pete Beach. It was something that we RARELY do and was very needed. We had a very relaxing stress free trip.....I guess. Chrissy was in horrible pain from what we think might have been a rib out of place, Steph had terrible blisters on her feet from walking in the sand, they both had some guilt leaving behind husbands and children. Not me! I've been there and done that, now it's sort of about me! We think Steph's blisters might have something to do with the chemo in her body. Regardless, it was some great girl time!

May 6th
Home but.....I started out of the house at 7:00 to pick Steph up for chemo. By 10:30 it was concluded that she would skip treatment because her counts were borderline on her being able to receive treatment and if there is a chance that they will be doing surgery soon because of the tumor on her ovaries she needs to be off of Avastin for a month.

May 7th - 9th
Up very early on the 7th because Jarad was scheduled for surgery. Sat at the hospital until 10:30 but had to leave to pick up my Dad so that we could head for Mattoon, Illinois. Several of my dad's brothers and sister were getting together to clean out Grandpa's old shed. They were also going to celebrate Mother's Day with my grandmother who will be 96 on June 1. My dad hadn't been home in 2 years. I didn't realize that he was no longer comfortable driving that far by himself. I volunteered to drive him if he wanted to go home to see Grandma. We celebrated on Saturday by having lunch with her then headed back home. We got home late on the 9th.

May 10th
Mother's Day! My children honored me well! I worked like a dog getting the house in order for the arrival of our company.

May 11 - May 14
Up early to grocery shop because we were having company by 2:00 p.m. and the house was empty of anything edible! John works for Kenneth and was coming to town on business but this time he brought his lovely wife, Mary. Mary and I have spent several days together every March the last 3 years. I was excited to have them stay with us and be a part of our chaos! We had great fun with them and she was so content just hanging out here with all the kids and grandkids.

May 14 - May 18
John and Mary left around 11:00 and Kenneth and I headed out the door at 11:30. We were headed to Las Vegas for 4 nights! Our trip was very eventful, it was hot, we won money, spent time with Dan & Shelly, and saw Jimmy Buffett! What a great trip! We got home at 11:30 a.m. so I was able to do laundry and repack my bag. That evening we went and watched Drew & Claire graduate from Preschool! After their graduation, Kenneth & I were able to meet John & Robbie for dinner and to catch up a bit!

May 19 - May 21
Kenneth took Steph and I to the airport to catch a plane to Houston. She had appointments later that day, the next day, and the day after. All I can really say about this trip is there was a glitch in everything we did. Nothing went smoothly. Nothing felt right. Nothing was accomplished. We know nothing. Nothing. But, Steph & I were together, uninterrupted....we love that....reminds us of the "ole days"! She will find out something June 9, so we wait. We were picked up at the airport by her wonderful father-in-law, J.L. We were also met by Steph's dad, Ed! What a pleasant surprise! We didn't get home until around 10:00 p.m. I was so excited to see that Drew had fallen asleep at our house and would be spending the night! I was going crazy without seeing all my babies!

May 22 - May 24
Woke up early! I pushed my suitcase to the side and pulled out a new one! Packed for 3 days, fed Drew breakfast, got him ready for school, and headed to the preschool. Saw Chrissy and the kids briefly, hugged tons, kissed a bunch, told them all that I missed them! Looked at Chrissy....told her that I missed her the MOST! Jumped in the truck with Kenneth and we headed to Mangum, Oklahoma! We were going to visit his dad, brother, and sister-in-law plus attend his 40th class reunion!
Had a great trip! I always love seeing my Oklahoma family! My sister (in-law) Donna is the BEST! We headed home late Sunday afternoon because we didn't want to drive on Memorial Day. Got home just in time for bed!

Home Sweet Home!

I do not want it to go unsaid that I LOVE my LIFE! I thank God for my life, the people in my life, my health, my energy and I know that I'm doing what God wants me too! This gives me the most amazing amount of peace in my life! I see him working everyday in my life which gives me such comfort!

Here are my very awesome brother-in-law and sister-in-law!Here is my father-in-law, my niece, and her cute little Trayden!

This is my father-in-law again with his great grandson and special little buddy, Koy!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day to my MOM and my GRANDMA, and my AUNT MARILYN!

This post is to honor my mother just like my daughter honored me! I write this blog for my mom! How do I honor her like she deserves? As a child you write little love notes so that she knows even when you aren't telling her or crawling in her lap. I will add that I was still crawling in her lap crying when I was in high school. I know.....!! But, as you become a young adult the little love notes stop and you know that to honor your parents for the job well done you should live by their example. I am so much like my mother! I always wanted to be just like her! She is hardworking, kind, giving, affectionate (huggiest mom I know!), selfless and BEAUTIFUL! I love her with all my heart and feel so blessed that I was with her yesterday! We don't live close in miles but always close by our hearts! This picture was taken yesterday. I know I shouldn't tell her age but how about this very HOT 72 year old? We were celebrating Mother's Day with my Grandma who will be 96 next month! Grandma is my dad's mother. She is so sweet I just want to hug her to pieces! Where do you think I get that from?
I also want to honor my Aunt Marilyn! She is my dad's sister and daughter to my beautiful Grandma! I think it is no coincidence that my mom's name is Marilyn, too! I haven't met a Marilyn yet who isn't absolutely beautiful and amazing. I think it is so neat how when I'm with my Aunt Marilyn I see how similar we are. For two people that didn't spend tons of time in each others presence it is scary how alike we are. This weekend we found each other finishing each others sentences or saying the very same thing! It was comical! Aunt Marilyn is the mother of two boys and grandma to one beautiful little girl and two handsome little guys! She is an amazing mother, mother-in-law, and grandma! Oh yeah, can't forget an amazing wife! Uncle Jerry is so blessed to have her to love! Again there are no words big enough for HER! I love her and look forward to our pact we made of having contact every week! Aunt Marilyn, thank you so much for all you do for our MARSHALL family! It is very large and I admire how you stand strong and faithful to everyone! You honor your mother well!

Happy Mother's Day you BEAUTIFUL ladies!

Friday, April 24, 2009

29 years ago today..........

My children will immediately recognize the above sentence. The number changes every year but it is usually heard a multitude of times during the day of their birthday. So as I'm starting this post I'll have you know that I was 3 hours into my labor of my first born, Chrissy. You know.....that really funny, witty, god loving girl of mine that writes not 1 but 2 blogs ( &

This will not be posted until later so I'll be showing you our new pics we took tonight! We are so excited to be sharing our evening together along with some very special people. We are meeting for dinner at 6:30 and then on to see Jesus Christ Superstar!

I would love to give Chrissy the most amazing post ever because she is so deserving. But, as a Mom, I know that I'm very biased. To me she is everything I ever dreamed about my little girl being and becoming! How is it that my daughter is so bright, articulate, caring, giving, and absolutely gorgeous? I say over and over how blessed I am.....she is one example. Don't worry Jarad, you are another way that I have been blessed! The people that God has put in my life are truly my biggest blessings and I love to daily tell HIM thank you.

I have been able to spend today with her and have loved every minute. We started with spending the entire morning looking at houses with my wonderful son-in-law, Big Daddy! Are you supposed to like your in-laws so much? We love OURS! Big Daddy is on a mission to find a bigger love nest for his family. We ended up having lunch with Mr. Nanny,Cohen, Steph, & Big Daddy's Momma, Connie. Connie was house hunting with us or maybe I should say I was house hunting with THEM!

After lunch, we picked up Claire & Drew and headed to Coldstone Creamery for a little birthday celebration with the kids! Ice cream for ALL! Steph was even able to join us.

Which leads me to tonight.....
Chrissy & I had the most wonderful time meeting up with our friends Susan, Delphia, & Allie! Dinner was good, conversation was better! We then headed to see Jesus Christ Superstar...WOW!! The music was amazing! I especially loved when Susan leaned over and said, "Hey, after the show I have a question about Desperate Housewives". That is why I LOVE Susan, I laugh. Chrissy and I enjoyed our evening together, we enjoyed our time with the girls, and we are especially thankful to Big Daddy who held down the fort while she was away! Now I'm ready for our girls weekend!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dynamic Duo!

Tomorrow is a big day for ALL of us! Jarad will start his first day working for his Dad! Mr. Nanny is in need of some more help at his company. He needs someone who can be trained quickly, who is familiar with the business, and on and on! While we were in Florida, he mentioned that he would love if he could get Jarad to come on board. He knows that Jarad loves what he is doing so wasn't sure if it would even be an option. Fast forward.....he starts tomorrow! Mr. Nanny is looking forward to working with his son.

As a mother, I am so happy to see everything falling into place. I didn't think our family could get any closer but our bond is so strong right now. We daily talk among ourselves, maybe not to each and every family member but our conversations get passed around so we do know what each and every one of us is doing and feeling! I see and feel God working in our lives. We know how blessed we are and don't take one minute for granted! I love how excited Jarad is to work with his Dad. I love how excited Ashley is for her husband to be happy! I love how supportive she is! I love how excited Chrissy & Brian are for Jarad! I love that there is absolutely no jealousy between my children and their spouses!

So.........I'm praying that this will be a win win situation for Mr. Nanny & Jarad and they will continue to grow in their relationship like we have witnessed in the last 2 years!

I also have to share the thing that I'm most thankful for and that makes me very proud........that Chrissy, Jarad, Brian, & Ashley are so supportive and so not jealous of all the time Mr. Nanny & I spend helping those other people (Scot, Steph, Drew, & Levi) that WE LOVE so much! Those crazy kids even offer to help when they see a need that needs to be met! We ALL consider those "other people" our family and enjoy when they are in the middle of our chaos, too!

So tonight when I go to bed, I will be praising God for working so hard in our family! Once again......I'm so blessed.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter at Nanny & Mr. Nanny's House!

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We decided to do something a little different this year. We got together today to have an Easter Egg Hunt for our little ones! Mr. Nanny and I filled eggs with candy & money. Mr. Nanny hid them ever so well. Even though the kids enjoyed hunting eggs, they were soon forgotten for the waterfall. Chrissy, Ashley, Steph, & I discussed today how these kids never tire of playing in the smaller waterfall. They will play for hours and never get bored. We all sat outside and watched them play and enjoyed the sun! Jarad had won Easter dinner from Honeybake Ham so along with the ham, green bean casserole, cornbread dressing and carrot cake I made hash brown casserole, macaroni salad, broccoli & cauliflower salad, and wheat rolls with honey butter. Chrissy brought along a family favorite, mandarin orange jello salad! The food was great and the time spent together was even better!
This is last years picture of the smaller waterfall. They love to wade in the little stream that flows into the bigger waterfall/pond! Cohen looks like a baby!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Vacation is GREAT but....this is the BEST!

We are back from Miami and the Keys! I rested and Mr. Nanny worked! His industry has gone out of control and he is in CONTROL! I'm so PROUD of him. I sure wish he could have rested more. These beautiful babies came over to catch up on Nanny & PaPa time. Mr. Nanny took us out for steak because that is what this little beauty asked for! She so has him wrapped around her finger!

Of course, with looks like this he gets every little thing he wants!

My point......notice the new bunnies from Price Cutter!

Right before bed having their bedtime snack!

Now they are fast asleep!