Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dynamic Duo!

Tomorrow is a big day for ALL of us! Jarad will start his first day working for his Dad! Mr. Nanny is in need of some more help at his company. He needs someone who can be trained quickly, who is familiar with the business, and on and on! While we were in Florida, he mentioned that he would love if he could get Jarad to come on board. He knows that Jarad loves what he is doing so wasn't sure if it would even be an option. Fast forward.....he starts tomorrow! Mr. Nanny is looking forward to working with his son.

As a mother, I am so happy to see everything falling into place. I didn't think our family could get any closer but our bond is so strong right now. We daily talk among ourselves, maybe not to each and every family member but our conversations get passed around so we do know what each and every one of us is doing and feeling! I see and feel God working in our lives. We know how blessed we are and don't take one minute for granted! I love how excited Jarad is to work with his Dad. I love how excited Ashley is for her husband to be happy! I love how supportive she is! I love how excited Chrissy & Brian are for Jarad! I love that there is absolutely no jealousy between my children and their spouses!

So.........I'm praying that this will be a win win situation for Mr. Nanny & Jarad and they will continue to grow in their relationship like we have witnessed in the last 2 years!

I also have to share the thing that I'm most thankful for and that makes me very proud........that Chrissy, Jarad, Brian, & Ashley are so supportive and so not jealous of all the time Mr. Nanny & I spend helping those other people (Scot, Steph, Drew, & Levi) that WE LOVE so much! Those crazy kids even offer to help when they see a need that needs to be met! We ALL consider those "other people" our family and enjoy when they are in the middle of our chaos, too!

So tonight when I go to bed, I will be praising God for working so hard in our family! Once again......I'm so blessed.

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Anonymous said...

So happy for all of you!!!Love the picture's!!! God Bless you!! Hug's and kisses!!! Grammy